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A plastic products pioneer in the Nordic countries

Muovitekniikka V. Riittinen & Co (V. Riittinen & Co Plastic Technology) is a long-standing family-owned company, which offers comprehensive plastic solutions for various industries, from mould-making to the finished product.

The company was founded in 1967 and operates in Ylöjärvi, just outside Tampere. Our market area covers Finland and the other Nordic countries. We manufacture plastic products for the construction, paint and carpentry industries, with a focus on the concrete industry.

Our customer-orientated approach, typical of a family-owned business, and modern production technology make us stand out in our field. We produce plastic products as a comprehensive service, from mould-making to the finished product.

A wide range of stock products as well as fully customised products

We offer a wide range of specialised products and we are constantly developing new solutions to meet our customers' needs. Our considerable experience and strong expertise also guarantee our ability to manufacture specialised products designed by our customers. We have a reputation as a reliable supplier and partner, which is the reason why we also have long and smooth relationships with our customers.

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Hollow-core slab plugs

Hollow-core slab plugs with great design

Design and production of a high-quality and well-functioning product starts with the right material. Our range already includes plugs for the most commonly used hollow-core slabs as well as most specialised models.


Carefully tested and made from quality materials

Our spacers are easy to use, they come in the right shapes and spacing and they stay fastened. Our selection covers a wide range of options for different requirements.

Filling plates

Practical and efficient filling plates

Our filling plates are designed and manufactured in such a way that they combine the efficiency of mass and energy transfer with a minimum pressure drop for the operational economy.

Towards a cleaner future

Sustainable plastic production: we are paving the way to a sustainable future with products made from recycled plastic, carbon footprint measurements and the lifecycle approach.

We can all make more sustainable choices for the benefit of our world, and industrial players such as ourselves play a particularly significant role in all this. Muovitekniikka V. Riittinen is working to make its entire production chain more environmentally friendly.

We are committed to working towards a sustainable future, and our operations are open and transparent. For example, we have calculated the carbon footprint of the entire life cycle of hollow-core slab plugs, and the next step is to determine the carbon footprint of our spacers. We have the Building Information Foundation RTS's Environmental Product Declaration, which we'll be happy to send to our customers on request.

Plastic is an extremely versatile material, and almost all types of plastic can be recycled up to ten times. All of our grey plastic products are made from recycled materials, and we will expand our range of products made from recycled plastic in the coming years.

A durable and high-quality plastic product made in Finland is a responsible choice.


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